My Name is Rick Jackson…
Independent Freelance Web Designer and SEO Expert

“Large part of web clients won’t remain on a site for over 10 seconds, not to mention perusing past the page they initially landed.”

Envision blowing enormous bit of your promoting spending plan on making or patching up a full fledge site, just to learn it later that lion’s share of your focused on guests did not invest as much energy in your site as you had trusted. How does that influence you to feel?

You are here today since you are searching for web designer to make or redo your site, whatever arrangement you have at the top of the priority list, I have a superior proposition for you that guarantees you a superior rate of return.

WordPress Website Design Company

I specialize in small and medium business web sites, as well as personal web sites. I create new web sites, I overhaul old web sites, and I administer web sites.

When I create a web site, I do my best to give you the look and feel that you want. I am a stickler for detail, so I make sure that your web site is efficiently designed. I test all the links and features to make sure that the web site works as it should before making the web site available to the Internet community.

I also administer web sites. In addition to file management, I can administer other features of your web site such as e-mail and photo albums.